Morgue Rig Comp


This video showcases some of the rigs generated from the morgue rigging system a colleague (John Stewart) and I implementing back at Perpetual Entertainment.

The general workflow and idea was to rely on Maya’s referencing system, and strong duplication management.  Each body part was crafted by hand with script support and kept in its own file.  Common layers of mechanics, inputs, and outputs were premeditated heavily based on 4 previous auto rigging systems him and I had created.

The reason we both went away from a single auto rigging solution was the time constraints we were under to implement features.  Gods and Heroes, the initial title that saw some of these rigs had over 72 minutes of hand animation done by a team of 9+ animators over the course of 5 years of production.  We both concluded that scripting everything often took longer than getting a working component up and ready.  And by coming up with a statute for inputs and outputs filtered via layers of engineering we had a common ground for sharing and adapting animations from rig to rig quickly offline.

This rigging meta was then applied further through Perpetual Entertainment’s: Star Trek Online, Slipg8 Ironworks’ Project Redwood, and various in between prototype titles at both studios.


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