Fortune Online VFX


At about the same time as the Offbase PS3 gig I was doing on the side, The management lent some of the dev’s, myself included, to another sister studio working on a flash title.  So for a few months I was plunking away at some VFX sprite work.

In the video examples, if it moves, I made it.

The pipeline challenge was the very low frame rate that VFX had to be produced with.   All the fire loops were 15 frames long total.  And many reuse the same sprite sheets at different scales and layering to cut down on download footprint.  And these were probably the most expensive loops I made.  Most were 3-5 frames, and we rocked them back and forth to get more out of them.  Many others were just animated by hand, or single frame renders edited in Photoshop.

However; since it was sprites, the sky was the limit for poly’s and particles!  The fire and steam source images were both made using Maya fluid, and then layered together with some compositing  tricks in After Effects.  The base art with the braziers, torch handle, and chandelier was provided by their modeling artists to us as sprites themselves, and the final VFX were authored to layer over them in Flash.

Fortune Online is free to play and currently live.

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