How time flies when you work work work.

First I’m working on a Marvel Heroes @ Secret Identity Studios.  Here are some links.

Second! I’m writing this post with a fever.

I’ve been stretching out my skills into other avenues of Technical Artistry for the last year or so on MU.  Having a few brief encounters with Unreal Ed on some unnamed in between projects here and there I was asked if I’d want to work on the VFX pipeline and scripting.  Then after less than 6 months and some colleagues having to make some hard decisions.. I was thrown head first into everything as the ONLY tech artist on the project.

Oh Unreal how I heart thee, before we gutted the crap out of you, and broke you so badly.   It really has a senior tool set and a place where a tech artists has a hard choice to make in being a support role or a content generation role.  My art side won out and they put me in charge of lighting.

PSST! All the really really nifty shit is super technical but still kinda artist friend? Tech artist friendly at least?!  Once you get past that entire we broke the engine’s pipeline, and its already enormous learning curve. (Much like learning to love a 3d package from scratch again)

Unreal is far from perfect, and I’ve cursed many profanity’s over the months.  My personal favorite curse.. Oh this gets me every time I do it.. Is that a material instance allows itself to be plugged into its own parent…Really?!.. And its very easy to do with the interface when you have two content browsers opened.   This results in a complete crash and me crying a little.

Hope to be allowed screen shots soon!





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