Shardbound Eagle Primal Rigging

This is a sped up capture of my base process for creature rigging on the game Shardbound.

Its a different approach from autorigging, that’s been production friendlier for me as often the only tech artist on a team. There’s still a fair amount of custom script support happening in the background.

In a nutshell, its a morgue of body parts pre-rigged, that have their proportions exposed through interface nodes throughout the rig that allow them to be adapted on the fly to fit a character, instead of tearing down and rebuilding an entire rig via an auto rigger. This workflow allows for manhandling control logic, or splicing in custom solutions on the fly without the overhead of converting the logic into a script.  As new control surfaces evolve, they get ripped out of a rig, polished and dropped into the morgue for later reuse.

Similarly structured characters can also quickly be adapted from previous rigs, as demonstrated by this video of a biped rig core with inverse knee being bent into the structure of a bird.

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