Pillar Systems started!

After trying to relax today and not work, and failing.. I opened up the project and refactored a lot of the “hacky” systems, to test player movement. With the intent of getting more than one skater on the ice, and the ability to switch between them, I needed to setup proper pillars of what’s going to be handling what.

This resulted in skater spawners, pseudo ref spawning puck in center and tracking for out of bound pucks, new camera detection of spawned items, formal start of a game_mode tracking all skaters, auto possession of center for faceoffs, nearest to puck detection, skater swapping based on distance, and rough home/away logic started.

Bugs known, input ticks driving player movement, so un-possessing a pawn causes it to stop moving, will move these over to a proper tick for resolution before moving onto really simple AI implementation for non-possess skaters.. Then onto passing!

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