Shardbound Material and Lighting Env Work

Some before and after images of the Material and Lighting work I did on these levels post artist submission. The core artwork was fantastic to work with. And a lot of this work was dialing in how to get the hybrid dynamic and static lighting to work together with the static and dynamic objects.

Detail textures were added to some of the materials to push something for the lighting to work with on the flat surfaces, a global texture mask was integrated to drive dirt and variation details on the dynamic tiles.

Lighting channels were used to pop rims on the dynamic objects and characters, and the “skirt” around all the hex tiles was static, but with a player 1 and player 2 customized view and lighting per camera angle, with uv lightmap work to optimize the texel density to work with where lighting needed to pool or rim.

A demonstration of the Character lighting pass once it was integrated into the updated environmental lighting, with localized dynamic lights on some of the units themselves.

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