Personal Project: Ue4 Hockey

Getting a template player asset rigged, and ready to be animated.  Exploring two handed floating pivot rigging for stick deformation.

Using a handy slack feature originally taught to me by J. Stewart in my first few years in the industry, where the goal constraints for the hands, are actually aiming back at the elbow positions to allow them to auto rotation around the position of the stick for a lot less wrist animation.

Taking the original slack idea further by nesting the final output post the deformation of the hockey stick via an internal ribbon spline with hair rivet outputs, and continuing to work with auto-clav deformation helper.

Morgue Setup Article Added!

At the end of the Digitigrade IK setup it left a few people going “well, that’s great, but its a pain to do this setup for a bind pose.”

To answer that, my next article! Morgue Setup practices and Assembly methods.  Hopefully this bit of explaining will aid in adaptation of my rigging solutions to your own rigs.

Digitigrade Inverse Leg Setup

In attempts to start putting some substance down from what I’ve learned from rigging over the years, I’ve started with a write up of my IK Inverse leg setup to see if others out there can reflect upon it and help make it stronger, or if it will provide a solutions for others.

Digitigrade Preferred Angle Inverse Leg Setup

Juro in Cat Form from Shardbound, with a preferred angle inverse leg setup in use.